Membership Survey

Dear Present and Past Members,
MVPA has been in existence for three years and in September 2016, the Board of Directors began reviewing the programming of the past – including activities, speakers, projects and member retention. Many of the first years’ plans happened because that was how the previous organization conducted their programming, but we recognize that there may be better ways to plan. So we are looking to you for guidance in what we should keep doing, what we should change, and what we need to add to our planning and programming.

This survey may be completed anonymously by answering the questions on the 2016-membership-survey and returning it via email to Ms. Sharon Horn ( or by mail to MVPA, P.O. Box 525, Lexington, VA 24450.  If you chose to also complete the membership renewal on this sheet to mail back, your response will not be anonymous, but you will not receive a second membership renewal mailing (and that will save postage expense for MVPA).